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KosmeLink's main goal is to bring you more business through our services and innovative products, and will assist you every step of the way. Some of our services include:

Personalized Consultation

KosmeLink only works with vendors that provide products that are the best among the best in Japan so that customers can browse without worrying about the quality and efficacy of our products. Since we have exclusivity rights with many top cosmetic manufacturers, KosmeLink has a wide enough product range to be able to sit down with our customers to understand their target market, and only present products that will benefit their business and suit their needs, allowing them to save time to have to search for a wide range of new products.

Market Research

KosmeLink assists our suppliers with industry market research including products' market potential, assessment of customer needs, cultural/geographical and demographic factors, competitors, channels, and value proposition. At the same time, for our customers, our company is constantly updated with the most recent trends so that we offer the newest technology and products at all times.

Product Review and Selection

KosmeLink helps our customers identify target markets and suitable sales venues, hand-pick products with the best potential to generate sales. KosmeLink's product market strategy includes target market definition, value proposition, sales channel strategy, product positioning, marketing support.

Business Contacts and Collaboration

KosmeLink identifies potential target partners or customers, initiate preliminary discussions, and make introductions to client for relationship development with our suppliers; ultimately saving time, energy and related costs involved to do this yourself. Due to the long standing relationships we have with our vendors, customers can only benefit from the guaranteed quality and incredibly reasonable prices that we are able to obtain.

Local Office Presense

KosmeLink has international branch offices to serve as an extension of the vendor to facilitate and maintain customer relationships. For our company, it is of upmost importance to provide the best and personalized customer service for our customers and clients.

Wide, Large-scale Leads and Sales Network

Provide sales resources for lead development and sales closure, account acquisition, and account management for our vendors; with our solid relationship with vendors, we are able to help our customers negotiate prices and create marketing campaigns to promote optimum sales.

Localized and Effective Marketing

Review and/or revise existing vendor product information, marketing collateral and provide infrastructure & strategies to achieve most effective and immediate sales results.

Project Management and Timeline

Work with vendors in product design and provide complete, accurate, and prompt communication of relevant issues between our customers and vendors. Due to our convenient local office locations and longstanding relationships, we will always be able to ensure high quality products and timely delivery.

Product Support and Logistics Services

Provide local warehousing, customs, product shipping and receiving logistics, and inventory management for products to customers.

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