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Take a Look Around the World

The beauty and cosmetic industry in Japan is considered to be one of the largest in the world, only falling closely behind Europe and US. While many cosmetic companies around the world try to export products into Japan in hopes of taking advantage of its large cosmetic market, international imports still remain to be a small fraction of the enormous Japanese cosmetic industry; Japanese consumers prove to remain largely satisfied with the products supplied by its own domestic manufacturers, even when juxtaposed to some of the world's largest internationally known brands.Why is this?

Think Outside the Box

In our understanding of the industry and Japanese products, the dominance of Japan's domestic products is a result of the nation's ability to produce gentle-yet-effective, high quality and innovative cosmetics. Every year, the competitive industry in Japan forces all manufacturers to come up with the most ingenious new technology to satisfy its ever-trendy market. Recognizing the validity of Japan's cosmetic products, KosmeLink has stepped in with the vision to aid other global markets to take advantage of these inventive cosmetic products. Aside from globally-known world cosmetic giants that are already in all international markets, Japan's extensive beauty and cosmetics market also has a myriad of smaller cosmetic vendors and suppliers who manufacture products just as competitive--but at a different price range.

How KosmeLink Helps

KosmeLink's main role is to bring you more business thru effective and innovative products, and assist you every step of the way. Some of our services include:

* Network & Database of Reliable Suppliers
* Complete Product Line-Up Review
* Vendor Price and Contract Negotiation

* Project Timeline & Management
* Assistance in Import/ Export Regulations
* Order Expedites

... and many other services. At no extra cost to you, take advantage and get a taste of top quality products KosmeLink can bring you!

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